Young boy painting

Meet the Board


Krickett Jones Halpern

Krickett Jones Halpern is a Child Development Specialist; author-illustrator; mother; founder and CEO of Drum to LEARN, Inc.; founder of Making the Arts Real for Youth, m.a.r.y. foundation; and Krickett Enterprises, all using the creative arts as conduits to help guide children in developing meaningful methods of expression, coping skills, and greater confidence.

In 1996, Krickett received her Bachelor’s Degree in Child Development from California State University Northridge. She has more than 30 years’ experience working with young children. Using her creativity through art, drumming, and her children’s books, Krickett works to build and improve self-awareness, self-confidence, brain development, and emotional intelligence in young children. Krickett’s passion includes guiding students to think for themselves, cope with their emotions, foster their wholeness, and experience overall well-being.

She lives in California with her husband Richard and two sons, Jaivin and Sterling.

Krickett served as the Gymnastic Supervisor and as a part of the LA Valley College Gymnastics Center for 12 years. She is a former Elite Gymnast, California State Champion at 16, and one of the top vaulters, as well as a long-time record holder for the LA Valley College Spring Board Diving Team.

Richard Bubba

Richard Halpern
Richard is a retired Sound Engineer. He lives in California with his wife Krickett and two sons, Jaivin and Sterling.


Cathy Gish-Persi

Cathy is a retired early childhood educator. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Arts from Immaculate Heart College, Los Angeles, and studied Early Childhood Education at California State University Northridge. She also holds a California State Standard Teaching Credential, a California Child Development Site Supervisor Permit, and a certificate as an Outdoor Classroom Educator from Child Educational Center in La Cañada, California.

For 48 years, she has worked directly as an elementary and preschool teacher. She taught K-2 in various private and public schools in different areas of California and Louisiana and taught preschool at Child Development Centers in the Los Angeles area.

Haize Hawke Rosen

Meet Rev. Haize Hawke, currently an advanced senior student midwife.  Haize offers the sum total of everything she’s learned as a world traveler, educator, circle facilitator, and as leader of Sister Circles, Coming of Age Circles and Rites of Passage, and a Mother. Haize adds, “I am proud to be mentoring girls and women to be activated, in tuned, strong, loving, grounded, and powerful beings. I believe in leading a heart-led life.” Via meditation, dance, prayer, Reiki, and emotional work, Haize believes we can live by the intelligence of the heart, taking her clients through a journey of discovering themselves and learning how to walk in their power.  Haize is a Priestess, Advanced Doula, Facilitator of Red Tent Ceremonies, and a Healer with more than 20 years training and experience. 


Olga Serrato
Olga holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Studies from California State University Northridge and a Master’s in Early Childhood Education from Pacific Oaks College.  She has been working with young children in preschool settings for more than 12 years and teaches at Child Development Centers in the Los Angeles area.