Wish List

These are items you may have lying around and want to get rid of, but you know that the minute you do, you’ll think of something you could have used it for. Well, don’t trash it! Donate it! Our kids will make something wonderful out of it!


wood and metal scraps popsicle sticks egg cartons buttons
fabric and leather scraps googly eyes bottle caps jar lids
wire or old coat hangers broken toys card stock felt
old picture frames clean socks art paper
Marie Callender’s pie tins paper tubes feathers


Other helpful stuff we wish for…

  • Printer cartridges – Office Jet 6600 (Blk-932XL; Tricolor-933XL)
  • Printer cartridges – HP Deskjet (Blk-HP 61XL; Tricolor HP 61XL)
  • Printer/copier paper
  • Great Northern 8 oz. Popcorn Machine
  • Tabletop Prize Spinning Wheel