Volunteer for m.a.r.y.

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Volunteer your time and talent!

We have several opportunities throughout the year for volunteers to participate and help out at our events. We ask that volunteers be present in advance of the event for a brief “training” and orientation, so that they will be equipped to make the most of their experience at the event, as well as create a great experience for those attending.

Additionally, we welcome the opportunity to have a volunteer attend any of our workshops to get acquainted with the children and staff, and help support in whatever way is needed at the time.

Please “sign up” for the event you’d like to volunteer at, and check the box: “Volunteer”. We’ll contact you in advance to let you know when orientation will take place and what talents are going to be needed. Skills and talents may be directed toward: setting up, serving refreshments, supporting workshops, cleaning up, transitioning group activities, facilitating registration, games and activities, etc.

Link to volunteer application

If you’d like to volunteer on a regular basis, or be notified directly whenever your talents are desired, please complete the application here, and we’ll put you on our special list!

Thank you for your generous support of time and talent!