Q. How are you funded?

A. Mostly by individual cash donations and from activities held at our events, like $1 Bingo games or prize drawings. We’ve also hosted one event, so far, with a cover charge. Since our workshops for children are free (but we still have to pay for most of the supplies), your generous contributions are most welcome!

Q. Where are you located?

A. Our headquarters are in Encino, California. Right now, we don’t have a physical office. Workshops and smaller events are currently being held at Krickett’s home. Larger gatherings are held at appropriate venues in the San Fernando Valley and environs. We’re on the lookout for viable/affordable space where we can accommodate larger groups of children in the future.

Q. How many kids do you serve?

A. Our monthly workshops currently accommodate around a dozen or so children at a time. We’re anticipating considerable growth in the next year as our website and Facebook presence becomes more widespread.

Q. Where do you get your kids?

A. Local elementary schools and word of mouth. Our children come from the neighborhood and nearby schools. Krickett also teaches at various pre-schools, so some of those children participate, too. People who already know us are telling their friends… and everyone has a great time!

Q. Do you serve special needs children? Under-privileged children?

A. We will serve any child who wants and is able to participate. Although we are not set up with trained staff to deal with special needs children, if a parent wants their child to participate and is willing to lend their support, they are more than welcome to attend, and we will make whatever accommodations we can. We do not exclude anyone on the basis of race, creed, ancestry, gender, sexual orientation, age, physical disability, color, religion, or national origin, or any other basis.