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    Krickett’s Blog – Krickett Jones Halpern shares stories from her classrooms to illustrate the value of her techniques with Drum to LEARN, Inc. and in our art workshops with the m.a.r.y. foundation.  Overcoming Fears – one lesson at a time… At the end of each classroom session, I go around to each child and tell them what ...

  • Drum out your frustrations


    As adults many of us have heard of, or experienced firsthand, the therapeutic release of anger and hostility through punching bags, pillow fights, or rubber bats. For a child, the opportunity to bang on a drum and actually hear and feel his frustration being released can be just as effective. No matter what our age, feelings ...

  • Music Training Improves Brain Function


    During a music or drumming session, children are asked to follow or repeat rhythms, patterns, volume, singing and other sounds initiated by the group leader. The motor and listening skills involved in this musical exercise require attention, memory and the ability to inhibit other actions to stay on task. These skills, used in fun, are ...


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