About m.a.r.y. foundation

Nearing the end of her mother’s life, Krickett realized that through all of the hardships her mother had suffered in her life, she never had anyone to support her physically or emotionally. She had been married twice, the first time as a teenager, and had suffered abuse at the hands of her first husband. Although her second husband, Krickett’s father, loved her, he wasn’t really able to provide her with the healing love she needed. Perhaps, by that time, no one could. But one thing Krickett recognized was that if her mother had only had a healthy, positive, creative outlet, she might have been much better off. One of her mother’s fondest dreams was to learn how to paint with watercolors. Sadly, she never had the

Krickett’s background in child development and her work with young children has emphasized to her the need youngsters have for developing their self-expression, autonomy, resilience, and self-confidence. Through her work with Drum to LEARN, Inc., she has seen how creative self-expression can build resilience and confidence to overcome shyness, fears, and low self-esteem. In honor of her mother, who never had the opportunity to develop these skills, she founded the m.a.r.y. foundation.

Krickett Jones
Age 16
Charcoal on Paper